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Working with objects, images, animation and videos, Tingwei Li is interested in new phenomenon and tangible values in contemporary life. By addressing how human consciousness and behavior have been changed in consumer society, she investigates the subject centered issues such as the self-optimization, anxieties, phobia and the 'flexible ego' under strategy of marketing and internet “user”.

The analogous, alternative, and interconnected relationship between digital and analog is pivotal to her practice.As kind of artistic research, her work undertakes a mental archeology of digital medium and its influence on our minds, bodies and behaviors.

In her video works, she tends to animate and creates the narratives with complex structures, interlacing and juxtaposing events and mystifications, unwrapping many semantical layers. And what seems to be sometimes a Theatre of the Absurd, is a thoroughly elaborated approach of various visual languages, textures and approaches of the perceptual psychology.

Tingwei Li is particularly interested in combining different culture icons and signs to create a mixed semantic entanglements. From newest visual phenomenon to historical aspects, she works with non-linear narratives in transforming the critiqued beliefs and giving warnings on certain social affairs.  3D modeling recreating or reshaping gives viewers an opportunity to zoom in details of shifting perception in the society of acceleration, forming a strong contrast particularly in visual aesthetics. Her works mainly aim to free a connection across time, space and culture o make a reality depiction in focus of contemporary prophesy.


About Tingwei:

-Berlin University of the Arts. Berlin, Germany
Fine Arts, master studies, 2011 - 2016
Meisterschüler Titel 2017

-Hunter College of The City University of New York. NYC, USA
Fine Arts, MFA program, 2014

-University of Bremen. Bremen, Germany
Visiting student in the College of Pedagogical Education, 2010-2011

-Tongji University of Shanghai. Shanghai, China
Studied Photography and German, 2008-2010

-Middle school affiliated to „China Academy of Art“(CAA), 2005-2008

-born in Yantai/Shandong, China , 1989


2005-2008 中国美术学院附属中学

2008-2010 同济大学肄业

2014 纽约城市大学亨特学院美术系MFA项目

2011-2016 德国柏林艺术大学美术系学习自由艺术