Online from 27.03.2022 until 03.04.2022

Comprising a 3-channel-video, one text and a series of 3D sculptures, the virtual exhibition "Graupel" focuses on analysing and denouncing the phenomenon of weather modifications happening in China, specifically in relation to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

In the installation, Graupels inhabit the ground of the gallery space together with a video works that explores, in both text and visual form, some recent connection of man-made snow to weather modification and the form of water in unusual forms altered by the Weather Modification Office in China, which also caused "Graupel" in subtropical area in Pearl River Delta Region.The graupel refers to the small ice particles formed by the condensed water vapor in the high-air encountering the cold air, which mostly appear before or during snowfall. The animated Graupel particle in video is a living transformative "protagonist" in both channel.

From washing away the smog to affecting natural rainfall patterns, the Office has been particularly occupied in assuring that Yanqing, one of the districts of Beijing and location of the Winter Olympics, had enough snow for skiing – despite the city tight supplies of water and shortages. The water used to create artificial snow is equivalent to the total amount of water used in Beijing in 2019 (4.17 billion cubic meters).