My first experience with a space or a room is my Mom's room. From playful but strict childhood time to a mature period with more openness, I tried to represent that experience as a room by means of geometric forms and objects.

Project in May 2015, Berlin. View from the entrance




"Organismus" acrylic,wood,wool,latex,60x60x150cm

"veraltet" height: 176 cm

"swimming pool" pool noodle, fabrics, length:180 cm


"Turning" wood, metal wire, alu ball, plastic


„Cut“  acrylic paints, MDF, 60 x60 x155 cm




„Domination“ acrylic on canvas, 100x 86 x 4cm,

„Hopscotch“ acrylic on canvas, 120x65,120x65cm

"Derivatives" acrylic on canvas,27x 27 x 4cm,