3-chapter-vision in solo show "Feeling Good?" in Shanghai from March 17th till May 7th 2017 at J:Gallery

Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 mixed sample version:

"YOU CAN SAY THAT YOU ARE HAPPY chapter mixed“ , 9:00 minutes, 2016, singel-channel video.

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3 part 2

By means of sectioning and numbering, the video work“ YOU CAN SAY YOU ARE HAPPY" created a sense of logic while listing lots of "Do's and Don’ts" in daily life. The way how those inspirational talks, so called "healing" books and self-help culture comfort us in restlessness is just to advertise a kind of asceticism, like following certain rules of self-control , you can definitely be peaceful inside yourself and live a happy life,as long as you suppress evil desires and thoughts. As a talk in the video goes, "happiness is a state of mind”. When the "chicken soup for the soul" tells us how to live happier, shall we criticize this inevitable cultural brainwashing nothing effective but meaningless, because we were not feeling unhappier without committing to the knowledge and theories.

在视频作品“你可以很快乐”中,直接使用章节和数字编号在平铺直叙中创造逻辑,堆积了生活周遭的许多对欲望的禁止行为 鸡汤文化以及治愈系的文字、音乐、方式中平复我们心灵的焦躁,其实所用的手法就是宣扬一种“禁欲主义”——只要你怎么去行为、去修炼,就可以平和、快乐、愉悦地继续生活。压抑那种本生的欲望和挑战自己欲望的生活方式,大概就可以快乐了。就像其中一段演讲中引用的——“快乐是一种意念”。当无法避免的心灵鸡汤灌输给我们自我修正的方式和理论时,我们是否应该批判地看待这种洗脑文化, 曾经不知如何变快乐的我们也没有更“不快乐”。