Unhealthy for sensitive groups, single channel version from Tingwei Li on Vimeo.password:4321.

4-channel video, 5:44 minutes. 2019.

"Unhealthy For Sensitive Groups" in Guangzhou Airport Biennial 2019 from Tingwei Li on Vimeo.

When the air quality becomes abnormal, the weather forecast will suggest it is “unhealthy for sensitive groups”. Due to the negative external circumstances, people will be trapped indoors. Sensitive people, sensitive topics, and sensitive states of mind arise from such particular situation. Assuming that the “smog” can be referenced as a “border," then breaking through this barrier as a rebellion to fight against the imaginary devastation is the starting point of this video.

Smog is an unnatural phenomenon created by man. As with multiplicity, the only way to change nature is to eliminate the border and pass beyond it. Constructing walls, building towers, establishing shelters and being insular like the sensitive people is a way of escaping from the network era, although it is a passive gesture. Abnormal means"irregular, imperfect and unrefined”.The individual is developing a greater sense of interiority and isolation.The society of the spectacle or the consumer society controls every subtle activity of the individual. But now the subject is further trapped in private time and space with their own self,

The installation materials, such as firewood and wooden ladder itself have the primitivity of rebelling against the capital production. Consuming space and spending time - not knowing whether to adapt or to pause, like watching the air burning over firewood. One can fantasize in front of the presence of regulated flames, while shifting does not repeat itself, in any given moment. It's far from danger, and seems to be coming forth step by step.

(P.S.) A script flying in the room written"唵嘛呢叭咪吽"is the mantra of compassion and mercy. "Om Mani Padme Hum" is often inscribed in Buddhist stone stele and hanging banner. People place these banners and stones in and around their homes to protect themselves from negative karma.


雾霾是异常的,不仅因为它是个例外,而且因为它标志着界限或边界。作为一个多元体的人,要穿越所在的维度达到边界并穿越界限是改变现状的方法,一切都会改变。建立一堵墙,建造一个塔,建立庇护所,把自己包裹成敏感人群,在足不出户的网络时代是一种带有被动色彩的方法论。异常并不意味着不正常,而是“不规则、不完善以及不精练。” 个体是自由的临时替身, 景观社会控制着个体的每一个细微活动,主体在其中不仅仅消费物质性商品,也消费时间和空间。等时间流逝就像看着木头上方的空气燃烧——不知是该顺应适从还是暂停。人会在可控的火苗前想入非非,因为它每一瞬的样子都不重复,远离危险,又像看着危险一步步推进。


     at German Embassy Beijing