“Playground” is a series of work of paintings, sculptures and installations. It is likely to build an amusement park in my own imagination, turning the “impression” into real objects.I want to place my emotions and impressions into a new form, but remaining some original elements,like color and geometrical form, my way of thinking is tend to transfer, simplify, classify and summarize.


Installation in Ying Space, Beijing

Installation in Ying Space, Beijing

installation view, "magic cube"

acrylic on linen, 50 x 60 cm


acrylic paints, MDF

55cm x 52cm x 30,5cm


installation view 2

acrylic on linen, 100 x 30 cm

acrylic on wood, height: 106 cm

"Auf dem platz"

„Rainbow“acrylic on linen, 70x25 cm


acrylic on plexiglass, length 124cm

wood, plexiglass,cloth, mixed media

acrylic on linen,knittingwool,60x60

„Flag“, height: 150 cm


installation view 3, July, 2014