Could we define abstract feelings with language?
Like we all have our own definition of happiness, I give three definitions to the kind of feelings while Dr. Brene Brown defined it as "an intensely painful feeling or experience of believing that we are unworthy of love and belonging.“ It’s the most primitive human emotion we all feel - and the one no one wants to talk about ——1.hiding under the recognition of imperfect physical self. 2.frustration from chasing the correctness.3.the strong desire to win, but not confident enough to speak out. The sculptures, sound work, ready-made objects are questioning our attempts to be perfect, to be the "best". Seeking answers in simplified communication nowadays is as futile as trying to be a perfect human being, and is therefore counter-productive.

Definition 1 is shown in the photo work thumbs-up“. By observing the original imperfection of our body part, fingers, it presents the way of self-recognition by taking selfie and posting it on internet after editing. The exposure of our real image are causing the unbalance of narcissism and self-abasement. What’s more, these gestures share similarities with „thumbs-up“, which is being used too much to mean anything in social media time.

Definition 2 is seen likely in the painting „Correct“, coinciding with two hanging emoji face squeeze balls and a sculpture in front of them. The work is made by attempting to get the correct position of all circles and leaving notes of calculation. The entire behavior was recorded and presented through the traces on canvas. A Reaction of failing in making a perfect image is to express this frustration by means of emojis like in virtual communication online.

Definition 3 is installed in the space, where the viewers could see a podium, a „thumbs-up“ painting and a wall decorated with wallpapers and three selfies. It’s functioning like a secret room for oneself to think over and to honestly face the desire of being a winner.
The photos of my back work like a hint, so that the viewer would also stand in front of the wall and become the people on the photo.
The podium is a barrier for standing in front of the wall.
The painted thumb-up work comes from Facebook. This emoji is losing its meaning, although it also means any possible response. Painting to me is a method for expressing emotions in the move of using brush and showing it on 2D surface. It’s private.

“Shame“ is a tape-made words on the wall. This is regarded as a single piece of work.

As the viewer approaching the certificates in showcase, they would hear the sound work "chicken soup for the soul“. In Chinese, we translate „soul soother“ into "chicken soup for the soul" because Chinese people have long believed that chicken soup is very nutritious and the best recipe for anyone in poor physical health. Similarly we would be given “inspiring" speeches when we were afforded a certificate upon something or receiving public honor. And having belief in obtaining positive energy and being optimistic is our strategy against social pressure.

sound work, click the link and download from

     tape on the wall, 230cmx 107cm 
     “Honor“, 4 covers of certificate 
     chicken soup for the soul, 45 min 
     Podium:MDF, paint,170x55x55cm 
     oil on canvas, 60x60 cm 
      oil on canvas, 60x60 cm  
     耳心 (ear+heart)= "shame" in chinese 
     The word “shame“of chinese is 恥 
     Thumbs+up,digital print,100x100cm 
     acrylic on canvas, 60x60 cm